Alarm Panels & Security Keypads

Finding an alarm system you can trust is the first thing on anybodys mind when researching home security and the main component of every system is the alarm panel or security keypad.

With the Northern California area being one of the most densely populated and diverse areas of the United States, it’s not surprising to see this region being at a high risk for home burglaries.

Experience The Advantages of the 2GIG Go Control Wireless Alarm Panel

Technology is constantly changing and it is important to find a security company that you can rely on to stay ahead of curve in all aspects of security, and The Alarm Guys have perfected at doing just that. We pride ourselves, on making home security simple, affordable, and most importantly secure. This is why we use the top available alarm panels & security keypads on the market.

The 2GIG Go Control Wireless Alarm Panel offers the most up-to-date technology around. The 2GIG Go Control is loaded with advanced features right out of the gate. The built in voice dialer can call out to alert you to alarms and system events with a voice message to any phone number. This feature is usually an expensive add on to other systems. Also included is a Two-Way Talking Touch Screen. This security system offers crystal clear image capture technology, combined with powerful security and color LCD touch screen for a cost-effective easy-to-use solution.

The Right Alarm System for You

The Alarm Guys carry the most reliable and researched security technology on the market. Today, provides wireless security technology to millions of customers in the U.S.

The Alarm Guys

2GIG Go Control Panel

Wireless Alarm Panel

The 2GIG Go Control Panel features two-way talking capability for communication with emergency support, and an easy to use LCD touchscreen display. Remotely control your 2GIG Go Control Panel, receive voice, email, and text messages with the optional cellular reporting features. Advanced options include HVAC, lighting, and lock control, and weather forecasting.

The Alarm Guys

Smart Thermostat

Wireless HVAC Control

The IS-ZW-TSTAT-300 smart thermostat features an easy-to-use LED touch screen with intuitive controls for operating your home’s HVAC system. When integrated into a Z-Wave network, the smart thermostat can be controlled remotely from any smart device.

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